WEATHER in St John USVI. How hot does it get in St John VI? How much does it rain in St John USVI? When is hurricane season in St Johns? What is the weather forecast in Virgin Islands ?

What is best month to go to St John?


Odds are you’re going to have plenty of sun and fun on St Johns beaches, so cheers to that!
Regardless, you are probably curious about what the weather will be like on your trip to St John. The best month to go to St John really depends on what you are looking for, like hiking in refreshing breezes or basking in the sun and warm waters of St John beaches.

General weather in St John USVI is outlined below. See the local forecast by the National Weather Service


Winter 15-25 mph;
Summer 5-25 mph.

UV Index

Winter 8-13;
Summer 11-13+.

Outdoor temperature

Winter Low to High is 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit;
Summer Low to High is 80-93.

Water temperature

Winter is 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit;
Summer 80-84 degrees.

Storms and Rain in St John

Winter is very dry;
Summer/Fall showers can be expected.

St John tends pretty DRY

USVI has no defined wet season: being generally driest from January to June; overall wettest time of the year typically is from July to November. A key point that villas may likely ask is to conserve water when showering, dish washing, etc. because most depend on rain for water supply to the villa. The island frequently experiences drought in the busiest time of the year. Rainfall is often times as a shower of less than a few tenths of an inch, usually brief, maybe intense, but still never seems to be enough to keep enough supply in cisterns!

Hurricane Season on St John USVI

Hurricane Season is June 1 to November 1.

The National Hurricane Center will provide the most comprehensive info on the track and timing of an impending storm or Hurricane in the Atlantic. 

The Port Authority provides updates in case ferries get shut down due to weather. 

Cell phone apps apps using the search term “Hurricane Tracker” can be very helpful.

On Facebook, search for “St John VI Weather” for regular updates on hurricane or tropical storm conditions in St John VI.

If you are interested in reading more about the stages of tropical storm formation, click here.

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