Where to withdrawl Cash on St John

Where to Withdrawl Cash on St John

Where to get cash on St John

Yes you will certainly need cash on St John. Many businesses are CASH ONLY so be prepared.

  • ATMs are known to be few and far between on St Johns island. Also they tend to be an unreliable source of cash as the machine may be out of cash.
  • For these reasons, bring a stash of your own cash with you before you get on island is a good idea.
  • Fees can be high – typically $6 per withdrawal, plus your bank fee on top of that. The large stateside brands of banks don’t exist here so you will be paying about $6 in terminal fees to the bank here, plus whatever your bank stateside charges for the withdrawal.
  • Do not expect ATMs at the beaches. That may sound funny to some, but really, people get to the beach then wonder where to find the ATM.
  • ATM Locations on St John:
    • In the foot ferry seating area (Cruz Bay)
    • Straight off the foot ferry (Cruz Bay, just after you pass Cruz Bay Landing Restaurant)
    • Straight off the foot ferry (Cruz Bay, head right at the first street and it will right on that corner, across from High Tide Rest.)
    • Parrot Club Casino (Cruz Bay, Wharfside Village)
    • Mongoose Junction (Cruz Bay, Shopping Center)
    • Westin Resort (Cruz Bay, lobby of resort – need a pass to get in)
    • Dolphin Market (Cruz Bay, at the traffic circle)
    • Merchants Bank (Cruz Bay, just up the hill from the Dolphin Market)
    • First Bank (Cruz Bay, right next Starfish Market in that Shopping Center)
    • Dolphin Market (Coral Bay)
    • Lime Lofts (Coral Bay, 2-story building on left before Skinny Legs)