Does st john take U.S. dollar? How much money should I bring to St. Thomas? Does U.S. Virgin Islands take U.S. dollars? Should I bring cash to the Virgin Islands? How much cash should I bring to Virgin Islands? Is tipping customary in St Thomas?

Does St John take U.S. dollars?

Does U.S. Virgin Islands take U.S. dollars?

Yes, as a U.S. Territory, the currency on St John, St Thomas, St Croix and throughout the islands is the U.S. dollar. You won’t find other currencies, and there is no need for an exchange of currencies before or during your trip. In fact, if you are taking an excursion from the U.S. Virgin Islands to the British Virgin Islands, both territories use the U.S. dollar as the form of currency. Just remember your passport for the BVIs.

Do you need cash in St John?

YES BRING CASH. Don’t just rely on credit cards when traveling to the VI islands. Cash is king here. ATMs are not everywhere. These are important travel tips for USVI islands that may be overlooked, with travelers assuming credit card is accepted everywhere or that access to cash is easy. This may leave travelers short of cash as soon as they step on island. Also, it’s not out of the question to loose power for a few hours on our tiny island where businesses cannot run their credit card machines until the power is restore, so be prepared to pay in cash if needed.

How Much Money Should You Bring to the Virgin Islands?

Of course it depends on your budget and tastes. Some restaurants are cash only. It’s not at all uncommon for places to not accept credit card. Cash can go quickly if you need to spot your spending for food, drink, activities and other costs of getting around, like taxis. Another hot tip is to bring smaller denominations of cash. That way it is easy to just pull out the correct cash for taxis without waiting in a long line with every other passenger at the taxi stops.

Is tipping customary in the Virgin Islands?

Tipping is customary and at a rate similarly expected as in the U.S. Mainland establishments for the same typical services such as taxi, food and drink.

What Credit Cards are Accepted in the Virgin Islands?

When credit cards are a method of payment accepted by an establishment, Visa and Master card are widely accepted. This is one occasion to leave your American Express at home. Most establishments do not accept it. That goes as well for Discover and Apple Pay. Good old cash, Master Card and Visa are the way to go here.

Where are ATM Cash Machines on St John?

  • In the foot ferry seating area (Cruz Bay)
  • Straight off the foot ferry (Cruz Bay, just after you pass Cruz Bay Landing Restaurant)
  • Straight off the foot ferry (Cruz Bay, head right at the first street and it will right on that corner, across from High Tide Rest.)
  • Parrot Club Casino (Cruz Bay, Wharfside Village)
  • Mongoose Junction (Cruz Bay, Shopping Center)
  • Westin Resort (Cruz Bay, lobby of resort – need a pass to get in)
  • Dolphin Market (Cruz Bay, at the traffic circle)
  • Merchants Bank (Cruz Bay, just up the hill from the Dolphin Market)
  • First Bank (Cruz Bay, right next Starfish Market in that Shopping Center)
  • Dolphin Market (Coral Bay)
  • Lime Lofts (Coral Bay, 2-story building on left before Skinny Legs)

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